McClellanville Planning Commission Meeting

April 25, 2022

6 PM


  1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Minutes:

a) January 24, 2022 (Attachment)

b) March 21, 2022(Attachment)

3. Ongoing Business:

a) Comprehensive Plan Update- Consideration of a Resolution Recommending Adoption of Draft dated March 2022 (Attachment)

4. New Business:

  • a) Discussion of a request to consider amending Section 3.4.4(c)(3) Accessory Uses and Structures to increase the size of non-habitable structures that can be permitted prior to establishment of a principal use.
  • b) Discussion of a request to consider amending home occupation provisions to address provisions for screening of storage and/or related equipment from adjacent properties

5. Other Business

6. General Public Comment

7. Next meeting date

8. Adjourn

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