Water & Sewage

The Town does not have public water or sewage. All homes and businesses in the Town and nearby area have wells and septic tanks. The Town does provide water testing kits that you can use to analyze your well water. The sample will need to be delivered to SCDHEC on the same day it is taken and there is a charge for results.

Existing septic systems should be serviced usually once every three to five years. How often you need to pump your septic tank depends on 3 factors:

  1. The number of people in household
  2. The amount of waste water generated
  3. The volume of solids in the waste water

Although your septic tank drain field generally does not require maintenance, you should adhere to the following rules to protect and prolong its functional life.

  1. Do not drive over the drain field.
  2. Do not plant trees or shrubs in the drain field area.
  3. Do not cover drain field with hard surfaces. Grass is the best coverage.
  4. Divert surface runoff water from drain field.

Please click the following icon to view the Town of McClellanville Septic and Well Water Document.

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