Town of McClellanville
Zoning and Land Development Ordinance

Adopted September 13, 2004

Table of Contents

McClellanville Zoning Map                                Zoning Districts

Article I                                Authority and Purpose

Section 1.0                        Short Title

Section 1.1                         Intent and Purpose

Section 1.2                        Territorial Jurisdiction

Section 1.3                        Conflict with Other Ordinances

Section 1.4                        Private Agreements

Section 1.5                        Severability Clause

Section 1.6                        Repeal of Prior Provisions

Section 1.7                        Effective Date


Article II                              Zoning Districts and the Official Map

Section 2.1                        Establishment of Districts

Section 2.2                        Official Zoning Map

Section 2.3                        Rules of Determining District Boundaries

Section 2.4                        Zoning of Annexed Lands


Article III                            General Provisions and Interpretations

Section 3.0                        Intent

Section 3.1                        General Conformity Required

Section 3.2                        Exemptions

Section 3.3                        Measurements of Lots, Yards and Related Terms

Section 3.4                        Use Approvals

Section 3.5                        Supplemental Standards

Section 3.6                        Externalities


Article IV                              Nonconformities

Section 4.1                        Nonconforming Uses

Section 4.2                        Nonconforming Buildings and Structures

Section 4.3                        Nonconforming Lots of Record


Article V                                Zoning District Standards

Section 5.1                        Historic District - (H)

Section 5.2                        Residential District – (R)

Section 5.3                        Village Commercial District – (VC)

Section 5.4                        Highway Commercial District – (HC)

Section 5.5                        Marine Commercial District – (MC)

Section 5.6                        Planned Development Districts – (PD)

Section 5.7                        Residential Transitional Districts – (RT)


Article VI                              Tree Conservation

Section 6.0                        Purpose and Intent

Section 6.1                        Applicability

Section 6.2                        Administration

Section 6.3                        Definitions

Section 6.4                        Conservation Required

Section 6.5                        Tree Removal Approvals

Section 6.6                        Protection During Construction and Other Activities

Section 6.7                        Emergency Provisions

Section 6.8                        Variances

Section 6.9                        Violations and Penalties


Article VII                            Screening and Buffering

Section 7.0                        Purpose and Intent

Section 7.1                        Applicability

Section 7.2                        Buffer/Screening Requirements

Section 7.3                        Modifications

Section 7.4                        Coordination with Other Requirements or Provisions

Section 7.5                        Plan Approvals

Section 7.6                        Performance Standards

Section 7.7                        Maintenance


Article VIII                          Off-Street Loading and Parking

Section 8.1                        Applicability

Section 8.2                        Exemptions

Section 8.3                        Requirements by Use

Section 8.4                        Parking Space Locations

Section 8.5                        Potential Adjustments

Section 8.6                        Parking Space and Maneuvering Area Dimensions

Section 8.7                        Accessibility to Parking Areas

Section 8.8                        Design standards


Article IX                             Signs

Section 9.1                        Purpose

Section 9.2                        Applicability and Exemptions

Section 9.3                        Approvals Required

Section 9.4                        Application Requirements

Section 9.5                        Sign Definitions

Section 9.6                        Signs Permitted or Prohibited

Section 9.7                        Amortization

Section 9.8                        General Standards

Section 9.9                         Variances

Section 9.10                      Tables of Sign Requirements


Article X                               Land Development Approvals

Section 10.0                      Purpose

Section 10.1                      Intent

Section 10.2                      Applicability

Section 10.3                      Application Procedures

Section 10.4                      Appeals of Land Development Actions

Section 10.5                      Requirements to Proceed

Section 10.6                      Application Submission Requirements


Article XI                             Land Development Design and
Improvement Standards

Section 11.0                      Intent and Applicability

Section 11.1                       General Improvements

Section 11.2                       Monuments

Section 11.3                       Lots

Section 11.4                      Accessibility

Section 11.5                       Roads and Streets

Section 11.6                       Development and Subdivision Lighting

Section 11.7                       Pedestrian Paths and Bikeways

Section 11.8                       Stormwater Drainage

Section 11.9                       Erosion and Sediment Control

Section 11.10                     Surface Water Protection

Section 11.11                     Utilities

Section 11.12                     Easements in General

Section 11.13                     Street Naming and Signage

Section 11.14                     Assurances for Completion and Maintenance of Improvements


Article XII                           Administration and Enforcement

Section 12.1                       Zoning Administrator

Section 12.2                      Planning Commission

Section 12.3                      Board of Zoning Appeals

Section 12.4                      Board of Architectural Review

Section 12.5                      Tree Committee

Section 12.6                      Violations and Enforcement

Section 12.7                      Fees


Article XIII                         Zoning Amendments

Section 13.1                       Power to Amend

Section 13.2                      Initiation of Amendments

Section 13.3                      Requests for Zoning Amendments

Section 13.4                      Review Process

Section 13.5                      Effective Date


Article XIV                           Definitions and Interpretations

Section 14.0                      Intent

Section 14.1                      Rules of Construction

Section 14.2                      References

Section 14.3                      Definitions


Appendix A                          Native Plants for the
                                                South Carolina Coastal Plain