BZA-Packet Agenda

McClellanville BZA Meeting
May 27, 2021 – 6:00 PM

  1. Call to Order

2. Review of Minutes for Approval: May 20, 2019 Public Hearing(attached)

3. Public Hearing: Application for a variance to reduce side yard setbacks requirements
of Section on 327 Lofton Court, Charleston County TMS# 766-07-00-016

(attachment),updated 3/27/2021 (attachment)

4. Public Hearing: Application for a variance to from the requirements of Section
5.2.4(d) to allow an increase in the maximum height of the structure on 534 Francis
Graham Court, Charleston County TMS# 744-00-00-24 (attachment), (attachment)

5. Public Hearing: Appeal of a decision by the Zoning Administrator citing a violation
of Section 6.4(b) for removal of a Grand Tree from 320 Mercantile Road, Charleston
County TMS#764-11-00-00 (Staff Notes), (attachment1), (attachment2), (attachment3), (attachment 4), (attachment5), (attachment6), (attachment7)

6. Orders of the Board; Vote for Approval of the Orders

7. Election of BZA Chair for 2021-2022

16. Adjournment

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